We here at PPA appreciate that this will be the first time that many students will be away from home so we give new students as much support as possible in housing our new students; whether it be in a PPA student house or for some students who will be moving into host family accommodation.

PPA sets up a private PPA Facebook “freshers page” which allows new students to be contacted by existing students with information on houses and rooms that are available. This private web page is also constantly updated by PPA with links to

The PPA Facebook Freshers page is a great forum for the students to speak with one another to form groups and also see what potential rooms may be available in existing PPA houses.


  • Rent is approximately £400 (give or take depending on property) per calendar month.
  • Council tax is exempt for students for the period of the course that they are on.
  • Students usually set up a house account which they pay approximately £40 each per month into to cover utility bills.
  • Depending on which estate agency the house is let through, the charges varies for contract fees, guarantor checks and tenancy agreements.
  • Typically, one month’s rent in advance and a six week deposit is usually taken at  the start of the tenancy which is split between the students/guarantors.

Housing Benefit

Guildford Borough Council is able to award Housing Benefit to students who are studying a Further Education course at PPA. Students would need to start the course before the age of 19 and be living in privately-rented accommodation (which is not affiliated with the educational establishment) to be eligible.

The following course offered by PPA that are eligible for Housing Benefit:
- One-Year Musical Theatre

Please note that PPA is not responsible in any way for housing benefit and any changes to the system that authorises this benefit.

Please contact should you require any further information.